We are committed to business competitiveness in parallel with environmental protection. Komotini Paper Mill has achieved water use to the minimum of the European BATs, it minimized greenhouse gas emissions and systematically reduces energy consumption as well as invests in renewable energy sources.
    With its core in papermaking Komotini Paper Mill implements business plans that enhance the sustainability of the group and create springboards of development and improvement. The company is involved in tourism, real estate and biomass trading.
    With its strategic position in South Eastern Europe, Komotini Paper Mill operates with its own personnel and facilities throughout the broader Balkans and the Middle East. Up to 50% of its turnover is extrovert contributing positively to its cashflows and adding to its commercial flexibility.

Quality & Environment

Five years ago the company set itself the aim of improving its competitiveness through interventions in its environmental footprint and the efficient use of environmental and other resources. In this context it has accomplished excellent reuse rates for water, currently at the lowest threshold of the European directives Best Available Techniques (BAT). Its location within the Industrial Area of Komotini, a well-organized industrial zone, guarantees full harmonization with requirement of waste disposal and management through a centralised biological treatment unit and frequent controls. In addition, Komotini Paper Mill cooperates with a series of laboratories, consultants and contractors for the rational management of all its waste streams (land, water, air).

In 2011 it studied the possibility of replacing its heavy fuel oil (mazut) boiler with milder means to replace the consumption of 11 tons of fuel oil per day, which emitted 11,000 tons of equivalent CO2. Taking advantage of the Greek expertise and working exclusively with Greek manufacturers and experts, Komotini Paper Mill commissioned and fired up (June 2012) an 8MWth biomass boiler replacing all heating energy required in production processes while almost eliminating emissions of greenhouse gases. This application makes the company one of a handful, and perhaps unique in its size cluster, at European level as fas as sustainable manufacturing of paper goes. The next goal is the trigeneration of electricity, steam as well as diathermic oil to further increase output of the machines as the while reducing its footprint, i.e. doing more with less.

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