We are committed to business competitiveness in parallel with environmental protection. Komotini Paper Mill has achieved water use to the minimum of the European BATs, it minimized greenhouse gas emissions and systematically reduces energy consumption as well as invests in renewable energy sources.
    With its core in papermaking Komotini Paper Mill implements business plans that enhance the sustainability of the group and create springboards of development and improvement. The company is involved in tourism, real estate and biomass trading.
    With its strategic position in South Eastern Europe, Komotini Paper Mill operates with its own personnel and facilities throughout the broader Balkans and the Middle East. Up to 50% of its turnover is extrovert contributing positively to its cashflows and adding to its commercial flexibility.

OIKOPOLIS Environmental Investment Award to Komotini Paper Mill

Komotini Paper Mill was awarded in the ceremony OIKOPOLIS 2012 at the House of Arts & Literature of Onassis Foundation Tuesday, June 5, World Environment Day.

Komotini Paper Mill claimed and was awarded with  the Ecocity Environmental Investment award for installing innovative industrial biomass boiler which developed with Greek boiler manufacturers.

The boiler produces 10 tons of steam per hour when it is fully used in the manufacturing process of substituting fuel oil which burned until now for its needs. This way is the first company in the industry and one of the few in Europe with almost zero releases of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere associated with global warming. The Paper Komotini has almost zero pollutants greenhouse gases (about 11,000 tonnes of CO2 per year), making it perhaps the first truly green industrial 'carbon neutral' company in Greece.

Environmental Sensitivity OIKOPOLIS awards is a renowned institution in the public consciousness, the actors and the state, established since 2005, by the voluntary organization for the Urban Environment Ecocity. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and reward the contribution of environmental scientists, organizations, local authorities, business and the media.

The award was handed over to production manager Mr. Paris Gravouniotis former Deputy Transport Minister Mr. Anastasios Nerantzis. Mr. Gravouniotis reiterated the company's commitment to show real economically sustainable industrial production can be achieved in terms that do not degrade the environment adopting technologies and practices.

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